Brendan Hufford

Founder, SEO for the Rest of Us Brendan learned everything he knows about business by putting some skin in the game and starting his own. While teaching full-time, he built and sold two online businesses, is currently midway through his 100 Days of SEO Project, and is the founder of the SEO for the Rest of Us community.

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Brendan is also the SEO Director at Clique Studios. Brendan joined the Clique team in 2017 after pursuing a decade of classroom teaching, as well as building, scaling, and selling two online businesses.

Brendan co-teaches Clique’s digital marketing course at the University of Chicago.

He has written for marketing-focused publications such as Search Engine Watch, Smart Passive Income, GrowthLab, and Fizzle.

Additionally, Brendan also writes for more mainstream publications such as Ryan Holiday’s Daily Stoic.

Brendan also hosts two podcasts (Entrepreneurs & Coffee and 100 Days of SEO), and a YouTube Channel about SEO. He publishes the SEO for the Rest of Us newsletter weekly.

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Brendan Hufford