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Accessibility, Screen Readers and the Law

A Talk by John-Paul Andersen and Guy Woodland

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About this Talk

There is a lot of lip service paid around accessibility and this is what we would like to share with you. We challenge what it means to be accessible not because we disagree with what’s happening but rather because there are alternatives that might be better.

We are doing this talk in two parts.

So the first session is simply exploring accessibility, what it means, who controls it, who makes money and actually is it necessary?

The legal implications - Government and Educational establishments in the UK are now legally obliged to be accessible as are organisations that want to work with them. The US last year has 11,500 Class Actions against companies who's websites were judged not to be accessible. Its coming to UK shortly.

So the question is how do you make sure you are accessible. We will explore this and put forward an alternative method.

Session two is about the tools and software that people use to navigate the web. This is where it gets really interesting. We have four people who use different technologies and techniques to explore the web.

At this point we can talk about the accessibility statement and how we think we can help.

We really hope that your involvement and feedback help us to make a better web experience for all.

Would be great to see you.

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