Sherry Walling, PhD

Burnout: Simple Strategies to Prevent You From Getting Fried

A Talk by Sherry Walling, PhD (Founder, ZenFounder)

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About this Talk

Do you ever feel exhausted? Really exhausted? Have you felt like nothing is moving forward, no matter how hard you work? Perhaps a creeping cynicism or sense of withdrawal from your team or your clients...

You’ve heard of burnout- it’s all the rage on the HuffPost blog. Despite being common, burnout is much more serious than a self-help fad. Burnout is linked to changes in brain structure and chemistry and can have significant implications for productivity, creativity, interpersonal interactions, and overall physical and mental health. Thankfully 40 years of research have helped to clarify the major drivers of burnout. In this keynote presentation, Dr. Walling will focus on how you can recognize and prevent burnout before it wreaks havoc on your business and personal health.

About The Speakers

Sherry Walling, PhD

Sherry Walling, PhD

Founder, ZenFounder

Dr. Sherry Walling is clinical psychologist, speaker, yoga teacher, podcaster, entrepreneur, and best-selling author.