Michele Ronsen

Introduction to User Research Methods

A Talk by Michele Ronsen (Founder, Curiosity Tank)

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About this Talk

Michele Ronsen is the founder of Curiosity Tank, a user research consultancy and a user research educator. She teaches design and user research to people around the world. Her classes, corporate trainings and workshops, are inspired by working with Fortune 500s and start-ups for more than twenty years.

Clients include Slack, Zillow Group/Trulia, Invisalign, Xero, Microsoft, MileIQ, Autodesk, Square, Facebook, Kaiser Permanente, Redshift Digital, Propelland, ZooLabs.org, Aiko Agency, BNP Paribas, Best Buy, Blue Shield, PayPal, Mapfe, Wayfare Tavern, PREP, Kaiser Gems, Albertson Design, Tipping Point, World of Children, Metabiota, California College of the Arts, and more.

About The Speakers

Michele Ronsen

Michele Ronsen

Founder, Curiosity Tank

Resources to accompany my talk >> https://www.curiositytank.com/weaver-summit-resources