Brad & Tami Miller

The 5 Things You Must Know to Troubleshoot Your Websites and Your Marriage.

A Talk by Brad & Tami Miller (Tandem Marriage, Tandem Marriage / Restoration Counseling Service)

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About this Talk

Building beautiful and functional websites can be challenging, but the payoff is huge when you finally get it right. The same is true of our most important relationships — our marriages. When you work hard to get your marriage right, everyone wins! Join us for a fun look into the similarities between troubleshooting great websites and troubleshooting great marriages. You don't want to miss this!

About The Speakers

Brad & Tami Miller

Brad & Tami Miller

Tandem Marriage, Tandem Marriage / Restoration Counseling Service

Brad & Tami Miller have been helping couples thrive for over 30 years. Brad is a jack of all trades; he is a marriage coach, a retired firefighter, retired pastor, website developer, and tech nut. Tami is a highly sought after Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Southern California.