Elizabeth Martinez

Tips And Tricks To Increase Your Sales in many channels

A Talk by Elizabeth Martinez (Ely Martinez Marketing, Espacios 3D)

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About this Talk

In the span of one hour, I will give away the most valuable tips and tricks I know, that are proven by my team to sell more. By the end of my talk, you will know: 1. Tricks to Spy on your Competition. 2. A proven method to better target your audiences on Facebook and Instagram. 3. Retargeting tricks on Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads. 4. How to Structure a Winning Landing Page that actually CONVERTS. 5. Tips and Tools to build an effective Sales Funnel. And more, if I can hurry through my talk!

About The Speakers

Elizabeth Martinez

Elizabeth Martinez

Ely Martinez Marketing, Espacios 3D

I have owned a digital marketing agency for the last 11 years, but it's not until the last 3 years that I have actually increased my sales 10x.